Our Values

Loaded Sensory is a company that was built around a set of core values that guide our mission, shape our culture, and define the kind of company we want to be. With that in mind, all of our decisions are guided by these core beliefs.

Foster Curiosity 

Curious minds encourage endless exploration and helps motivate children to learn new skills.

Empower Parents and Caregivers 

It’s tough being a Parent or Caregiver so we want to make it easier by curating hand-picked, quality products that promote learning, growth and collaboration.

Ensure Inclusion

Creating environments of “Play” increases relationship bonding and encourages emotional attunement, where children, regardless of access, background or abilities feel welcome to laugh and to connect.

Drive Supplier Diversity 

Representation matters on many levels and we want our customers to see that in the products we choose to sell.

Be Part of the Change

In order to make change in this world, we need to act boldly with courage and continue to advocate for resources that allow our children to grow and be successful.