The Loaded Sensory Story

Loaded Sensory’s story began in a school parking lot. While founder Bridget Lopez was helping her son work through a sensory meltdown after returning from a field trip, she realized that having a sensory room at school could have really helped her son self-regulate in that moment. Since the school didn’t have one at the time, she was only given the option of taking her son into the library where it was quiet and practice calming techniques.

Like many times before that, she felt defeated, frustrated, and just plain exhausted by not having the right supports in place or tools available to help her son. The reality is that not all parents have access and/or the financial means to personally invest in tools or the therapy resources of today. The journey of finding the right path is ever-changing.

Being a parent of a child who has sensory challenges is hard and that’s why she decided to start a Company that procures unique and affordable products that can be used at home, at school or while on the go. Parents can now feel empowered to curate an environment that fully supports their child's sensory needs with a click of a button and hopefully, one day, that same environment will be available in all elementary schools as a standard offering.    

Our mission is crystal clear. We want to empower children through creative and imaginative play that is both fun and inviting but with the overarching vision to sponsor the build of sensory rooms in every elementary school across America.